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Re: nba 2k12 thread

Great, a conversation about Madden that I totally missed! I'm not sure that 'show posts since your last login' function really works.

Sorry Abfackeln, to reply to your Q:

Madden is the only sports game I play - even though I should be more into soccer, these games are so complicated now that I find you can only really get good at even though I had PES last year, I didn't have the time to invest to get good at it.

I lived in the San Diego for a few years, and used to go to the Chargers and Padres games (when they were good a few years ago - it's hard to believe now) so that's where my interest in American sport comes from.

I still follow those teams - I have NFL GamePass and MLBTV so I keep an eye on things. I moved to San Francisco for a while too and like the As (couldn't support the Giants after the Padres, though I am happy to see them win again this year).

I got Madden a couple of years ago on a whim to join a franchise on a UK board I used to follow, and after tearing my hair out for a while I eventually got to grips with it. I love it now, but am in a UK franchise that plays twice a week.

Sure, there is plenty wrong with the game, but I love how they have modelled a complex game so well (even though playing one team over another doesn't differ in feel that much).
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