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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

The Walking Dead Episode 2

Aaaannnnddd..I don't know if I'll continue with this (even if the game itself will let me). It's a decent story with good characters and tough choices, but it is completely let down by the fiddliness of the UI when it comes to making those choices. A combination of hunt-the-pixel and QTEs? Nice.

Two bits stand out from that episode - trying to disarm a guy meant clicking on his gun twice - once on the barrell, and the second time...high on his right shoulder. All timed so you'd get shot if you failed. Which I did, repeatedly.

Second bit - almost breaking my wrist with an extended Quick Time Event (hammer 'E') until I figured out that I was supposed to fail it.

Finally, tried to start Ep 3 and found the game a) sometimes doesn't recognise my save, thinking I'm back in Episode 1, b) thinks I haven't installed any episode after episode 2 (episode 3 coming soon!), c) lets me start epidode 3 one in three attempts but I don't know if my decisions have been saved. Only the ep1 decisions show up.

I was also getting rough pop-in and technical issues like teleporting dudes, which I wouldn't have expected from something like this.

There's a good story (if not necessarily a game) in there somewhere, but PC owners beware.
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