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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
not my GOTY will be:

Mass Effect 3
Definitely, this was on my original list of three but I was writing on my phone and forgot to include it. I enjoyed it, and I love the technical achievement of making it work over three games. However once the furore over the ending blew over, I rarely thought about it again. And I haven't looked up the new ending on YouTube either. I love that they did the series, but this game was the weakest of the three I thought.

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
Only new game I played this year was FTL
Winner by default? Feel free to nominate your own categories in here too - my next one was going to be Best Games you haven't Played, and it includes FTL, Endless Space and Crusader Kings (this was 75% off last weekend and my finger hovered over the Buy button several times.

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
I'd also be interested in knowing what people think the various GOTY contenders are.
I'm wondering too - I feel I need to play some more before year-end. Contenders could be XCOM, Dishonored, maybe Walking Dead (it is cheap on Steam for the whole series right now I believe, if you have a PC), I am Alive, Tokyo Jungle, Papo & Yo.

The last three all are cheap and have the benefit of being short so you have a chance to complete them, but two of them may be on PS3 only.

Other very good games that aren't in my game of the year list: Binary Domain, Dragon's Dogma.

Games I Haven't Got Past Level 1 on:
Tokyo Jungle, SpaceChem.
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