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Re: Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

not my GOTY will be:

I was already writing quite a bit about my struggles in liking this game. To me it seems surprisingly bland, giving the post-victorian whalepunk-setting and all the hype it got because of it. The level architects did a tremendous job in creating an interesting looking place. Unfortunately, it stops right there. The characters are all shallow stock-characters and the revenge-plot is bare bones. From a gameplay standpoint it's nice and all but also oddly limiting for a game buildt around freedom. Why can't I use a power in one hand and a crossbow in the other, rather than switching oddly back and forth? Why can't I simply refuse to be fooled by the obvious 'trap' and 'plot twist', but have to trigger this stupid cutscene?

The Walking Dead
Apart from the jarring technical issues I had with this game (corrupted savegames included), I'm not sure if I can call it a game to begin with. It's a refined version of the godawful mid-90ies "interactive movies", which force-feed exposition on every turn and not having much "game" in them. It is well made, but when I had to restart episode 1 because of my corrupted save I found it to be too shallow to warrant a second viewing.

Mass Effect 3
Well, that is an odd one. This guns and conversation game was a nice conclusion of the trilogy and I even liked the original endings. In fact, I haven't bothered watching the 'extended cut', since I'm fine with how it ended in the first place. But there were also many things just a bit wrong with it. It was streamlined just a notch too far. The loss off all the minigames might not bother some, but for me they were just a nice change of pace in the earlier games (am I the only one who liked hacking in ME2?). After playing Spec Ops: the Line I also realized how limiting the 'decisions' in ME3 were after all. Not my game of the year for sure.
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