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Game of the Year - preliminary discussion

I visited my brother in Half Moon Bay last night, and on the way out there I noticed places that were selling Christmas trees already (apparently some people like to put up their trees immediately after Thanksgiving here - god knows what they look like by Xmas day).

With that in mind, I don't feel too bad opening up the GOTY discussion 6 weeks early. However let's not talk about GOTY, let's start kicking a few ideas around instead.

To start with, I want to hear about the games which could be in eventual contention in the world at large but won't be on your list. Why not?

I'll start things off with:

Spec Ops: the Line
Li-ion has made a persuasive case for this game being something special before. However, I didn't feel it at the time I was playing through, and the game itself was sabotaged by ordinary gameplay. So it is off my list.

Borderlands 2
While it's a pretty good game, and an all round improvement on 1, it doesn't elevate itself above any other recent shooter (for which Far Cry 2 is obviously the benchmark ) and in fairness, probably is round about the Rage level of FPS. Good sense of humour, great mechanics, ordinary enough game. Doesn't make the list!

What do you folks think? There will be more categories later so let's not jump the gun here
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