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Re: Last movie impressions

Starman (bluray)

Romantic road movie about a visiting alien who takes the form of a widow's dead husband. Sweet film. Bridges acting is outstanding and Karen Allen is very sympathetic. Very nice near-ambient synth score as well - that is, there's so many awful synthesizer scores from American movies of the 80s.. this is one of the better ones. Very good bluray image, well-lit, well-shot film. Except for some scenes at 'NORAD' (lol) the whole thing has held up pretty well. I particularly love the photography when they're driving through the southwestern desert-

Appleseed (2004) (bluray)

conventional scifi utopia in trouble story with an interesting take on racism: that a genetically engineered human variant, a sortof guardian angel/mediator species would be despised for their role in protecting humanity from itself. The heavily stylized cel-shaded CGI presentation fits well with the theme. The redone english dub is alot better than the cringeworthy one done in '04.

A Scanner Darkly (bluray)

Best adaptation of Philip K Dick there is. The warbly rotoscoped animation gives the film a timeless, surreal edge that live footage just wouldn't create. It's visual literature on the squalid paranoid minutiae of chronic drug users. Visually, it's a little overwhelming in hi-def, but it's kindof a good thing. It is a jarring experience of a film.

They Live (bluray)

Not sure any scifi film is better remembered for it's climactic reveal at the 40 minute mark. My memories of this film are fonder than watching it now, as an adult, I notice it has very little to say about what it's pointing out. The bluray has some nice bonus features, interviews etc.

The adventures of Baron Munchausen (bluray)

the whole metafable within a fable concept is definitely more acceptable now than it was in '88. This remains a charming and silly romp through some nice fantasy landscape. BIG improvement in color, tint and saturation- this film never looked good on videotape, and not much better on dvd. Now it looks right. Beautiful soundtrack.

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