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I prefer the Tau, since (in my opinion) they have the best range & melee combination. Their normal fire warrior squad can outrange some structures/listening posts, and the kroot carnivore squad fills up the lack of melee. A missile gunship, a Crisis unit thing whatever, a hammerhead gunship, 2 fire warrior squads and 1 kroot carnivore squad is good enough to take on a medium base, with medium to medium-strong defence. However, when fighting orcs, it gets a bit complicated (not that it is too hard for a rookie). This is because of the melee attack of the orc, and when accompanied by their hero, a good sized force is recommended. Then again, simply using ONE greater knarloc is enough to take on any faction's base, even a large one. Though, supporting it is highly recommended if a lot of turrets and units are guarding the area. If that is the case, 2 krootox and one greater knarloc will solve all your problems. The Tau special unit is also rather good. It has 4000 health at first (medium difficulty) and around 5000 if you add a leader. That is more than the commander himself! All it takes to make them? your starting base structure and a barrack (the unit is the vespid stingwing strain). I've also read about the big orc squigith whatsoever thing, it only has about 7000 health. 1 krootox is enough, or one anti-vehicle unit suit thing the XV-something (put it on trenched mode). I've just been here yapping about the Tau. Another race I like is the Dark Eldar. This is because they are quite powerful and move very fast, and the best part is that their buildings don't require a builder to work on them. They build themselves. I won't go too much into detail for this team since I don't play with them a lot, so perhaps someone with more experience playing Dark Eldars can explain better.

"Originally Posted by Unregistered
Here are my tactics for each race...

Space Marines:
Attack: Make alot of Space Marine squads and max them out with heavy weapons (usually 2 Heavy Bolters, 1 Missile Launcher and 1 Plasma gun).
Defence: Two words my friend, Heavy Bolters.

attack: Max out your number of Flash Gitz and send them in with either a few shoota boy squads or a looted tank or two.
Defence: Anything works, as long as there's alot of them.

Attack: Make all the way through the tech-tree to the etherial. Then make his body guards. If your playing Dark Crusade then you can make as many of them as you want, but if your playing Soulstorm, they limit you to 1, which sucks. Then make some Hammerheads, some Fire Warriors, Some XV8's and XV88's, Krootox, and your ready to march.
Defence: Since they don't have turrets, just any unit with a ranged attack.

Attack: I don't really have a tactic for Necrons, I usually just send out everything that I can get my hands on.
Defence: Since Recruting them is free, a heap of Necron Warriors.

Eldar/Chaos/Sisters of Battle:
Attack: For all these I just mainly get to the mega unit (Avatar/Bloodthirster/Living Saint) and go out and kick their anus.
Defence: What beats a heap of turrets? Not much...

Imperial Guard:
Attack: I usually send out a heap of maxed Guardsmen squads, Kasherkins, Ogryns, Lemon Russ's, and possibly a Baneblade.
Defence: Always, I repeat ALWAYS use Heavy Weapons teams for defence when possible.

Dark Eldar:
Attack: Just send out everything that can actually use to attack!
Defence: A heap of warriors, mandrakes and your Haemoncules.

Overall Tips:
Always, max out your squads, never send out half made squads.
Never, send out your commander, especially for orks because you have to wait until you have an Orky Fort to reinforce him.
Always, have a unit that can detect infiltrated units in both your offence and defence armies.

Hope u got somthing out of that. reading that must have taken a while..."

I disagree with not sending out your commander. Yes you need to keep him safe, but what action will he see while defending your base? Get the necessary requirements, then just send him along with the troops. It increases the overall damage and survivability. Especially for the Tau (here I go again, I am a Tau supporter ), Or'es'ka (your commander) has ridiculously long range, about as long as the missile gunship, so he will only be attacking units/buildings while your kroot units charge forward. I especially HIGHLY recommend this for campaign, as the enemy (even on easy) has a rather large army (I'm referring to Orcs) with their commander supporting them.

A few tips when using Tau:
-Capture relics, strategic points, etc with the XV15 stealth team (fully upgraded with 3 units, 1 commander and 1 time weapon upgrade)
-Use the Vespid Stingwing Strain to guard your base
-Missile Gunships are good at offence and defence, just make sure you keep them at a distance
-Unless you are desperate or just plain idiotic, do not send a Barracuda fighter against a horde of enemy infantry and vehicles on its own. Reinforce it with SOMETHING. Even if you do reinforce the Barracudas, always remember THEY ARE FRAGILE.
-A devilfish troop carrier is great for scouting and defence. It is invisible, and it can attack while staying invisible.
-If you build an ethereal, do not use him to attack, instead, keep him safe. This is because if he dies, morale and another stat I forgot drastically decreases for an amount of time.
-Fire Warrior bodyguards are VERY powerful and useful. Have at least 2 (1 from Ethereal and 1 from commander), and keep them ALIVE
-All Kroot species units for melee ONLY (not that you have a choice)
-Build a vehicle beacon as soon as you can
-ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS send your troops in groups (except for the stealth team, they HAVE to go alone to avoid drawing attention)

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