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Re: Dishonored

That's the thing: there is a good game at the very base of it, that allows exploration and different approaches for every situation with interesting powers to play with. It's like a fine slice of parma ham with a few sprinkles of parmesan... just to be placed between two layers of toilet paper to call it a sandwich. I was spending some time with it again yesterday, taking my time and going through each part of the level...

... and I just can't shake off the feeling that it could have been so much more, if there would be some life in the characters. If they wouldn't be shallow cliché characters, that give me the stare, which is an uncomfortable reminder of the puppets called NPCs in Oblivion. If they wouldn't look like their body and face would like to move independently and look the wrong direction while talking to me, because somehow they bug out again, just to slowly start turning on the spot so that they stare through me when they finish speaking.

p.s.: best action game so far could very well apply to Hotline Miami (or even SpecOps) .
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