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Re: Balancing the Electoral College with zippy.

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
The electoral system, and all of US politics is pretty fascinating. Europe tends to have a parliament, like your House, with the leader of the party in the House running the country by committee more tile less. We don't really have concentrated power like the potus.

And it could be worse - the uk has a first past the post system, where say 5 candidates fight it out for one seat. Ireland has proportional representation, where fifteen guys fight it out for three seats. After the first count, the guy who is in last place gets knocked out, and his votes are divided up amongst the survivors, and so on until three stooges are eventually elected. Makes for extremely weak government as two parties usually have to band together to form a government. Though there is more oversight in that system due to each party keeping the other in check.
I like Brittan s system it limits political ads before elections and via the parliament system has many more pirates allows for less clones to lie about the issues.

Its not perfect but nothing is the US system is based on lies and single button issues of which the parties have their own set in that that is how the get elected, everything else is mostly the same no one gives a damn and is out to get all they can gain for themselves..
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