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Re: Dishonored

Oh, I'd be careful with "best action title" as long as we're still waiting for the new Hitman, Tomb Raider or Far Cry.

I am not a big fan of silent protagonists, as it should be apparent from my opening statement - but it depends on the game. Spec Ops: the Line for example simply wouldn't work with a silent protagonist and I have the feeling Far Cry 3 will go a similar route.

In Dishonored I feel the silent protagonist is a wasted opportunity, simply because Corvo Attano is not me. He has a backstory, he isn't a truly blank slate I can just project myself onto. After a certain mission I don't see what the motivation for Corvo is, apart from VENGEANCE, which is a bit thin if it's all you base your character on. That could have been compensated by a good cast of supporting characters, but they all feel rather... bland.

The city is the best character in the game. Everything else seems a bit bland indeed.
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