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Balancing the Electoral College with zippy.

Most know why we have the Electoral College. Itís to balance the popular vote of states that do not have a large population.

For many decades it worked well enough to balance over all votes and popular trends.

Now a days with more single party insane partisans, single button issues and politics filled with malice and greed the Electoral College has become corrupted at least more than it ever was.

So how do you fix this in order to balance things out making it harder to sit 2 or 3 places to win the vote? And dose such things really make that huge a difference on the popular vote? Sure it might be good for officials and possible Electoral College votes but I canít see much else.

Anyway how to balance it without getting rid of it, I think the Electoral College still has a place but its over emphasized these days.

So I played with some numbers and this is how it goes. Each percentage of the Electoral College comes out to a 0.5, so 100% votes = 50% boost in the popular. Break it down if the Electoral College votes go 60/40/20 the boost to the popular vote is 30% ,20% ,10%. This way you need a conscious to elect someone.

Tho if you caped political donations to 5K a head period you would not really have to do it. LOL
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