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Originally Posted by Daniel Weissenberger
Not only is Dishonored a strong game set in a fascinating universe, it's one of those rare and incredible titles that holds the player's attention right from the start and then leaves them wanting more as the credits roll. If there's a better action game in 2012, I'll be very, very surprised.
Have we played the same game?

I really try to like Dishonored. I adore the art style, the city of Dunwall and the whalepunk-aesthetics. Dishonored enables to play stealthy or all guns blazing and features open levels with a multitude of paths to sneak or wreak havoc.

But it just doesn't click. I find the stealth lacking. Compared to Thief, Splinter Cell or even Deus Ex Human Revolution I feel like I'm limited by choosing the stealth option. Taking the kill 'em all-route on the other hand is way too easy, even on higher difficulty. The story isn't much to write home about. Most characters remain fairly one-dimensional so far and the interaction with them is also fairly limited.

Thanks to the voiceless, emotionless blank slate of Corvo I don't get a sense for the player character either. Just having played The Walking Dead Episode 1, where I could relate with Lee within a short time, and care about Clementine and him much more than I could ever do for the entire cast of Dishonored, makes it all the more apparent how Dishonored is lacking in this department.

Either way I am not intrigued. After half an hour of playing Dishonored, I usually feel like playing something else instead. Like The Walking Dead Episode 2, even though it hardly runs on my computer.

I got it on day one but I haven't even played halfway through yet, which speaks volumes about how much I struggle with this game. Especially considering I finished XCom twice, next to another run of Dark Souls and Episode 1 of Walking Dead during that time.

Currently it's in my book as disappointment of the year. In a year where Prometheus came into the cinemas.
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