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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Nah, his AoE is not the issue, easy enough to back off. The problem is getting so far: his gravelord sword dance is killing me before I ever see him. It has really odd dodge timing, since you hear the noise from it, have to wait... wait a bit longer... and then dodge. It's easy enough to dodge when you see him, but when he's on the other end of the room I don't see his sword movement. Also, he has this uncanny ability to start his **** sworddance everytime I want to take an estus, which means I stand there like an idiot while that spike comes out of the ground. Since you take damage from falling already, I usually take an estus at the beginning but then he starts spamming his sworddance and if I wait too long with the estus his skeleton minions are ganging up on me. Ah, also had a great occasion where he started his sworddance just when I started with a backstab on a skeleton. My invincibility frames for the backstab ended just right when that spike shot out of the ground, killing me instantly. I was hammering the button to dodge but nothing happened since I was locked in the backstab animation. Awesome.

Just did Sif. Clean kill, no problems at all. Having a go at four kings now. Can't be much worse than Nito currently is.
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