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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Ha ha, yeah. The first time I took Nito on, I didn't even see those big skeletons - they came as quite the shock the second time through!

Seath was fine for me - kiting head-on worked, I only struggled when I tried to get his tail.

Have been playing a little bit of a new game with my allegedly Faith-based character. I am not feeling the love for these miracles; I would like to use them for the majority of the playthrough (roleplaying) but I'm struggling to find effective uses for them.

On another note, I have the brightness turned up a bit for this playthrough, and I obviously had it down too low previously (this happened with Demon's too). For example I was surprised to actually see Nito in the sarcophagus when I joined the Gravelord Covenant this time. Neat!

Have also been trying to suss out the Sanctuary Guardian with my NG++ char. Holy hell. I haven't lasted 10 seconds in that fight yet.
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