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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Hah, finally! Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid saw their last sunrise. Once that was done I went ahead and killed Lautrec and his entourage, de-flooded New Londo to get the very large ember and chopped the Stray Demon to pieces.

I'm contemplating if I should take on Seath or the Bed of Chaos next. I think I'll do some walking around New Londo to get some titanite chunks to upgrade my gear a bit more. Currently I have a lightning reinforced club+5, but my shield and armor still can use some upgrades. Sif and the Four Kings I save for last. Sif because I actually never want to kill her, the Four Kings because they will probably kill me 5 million times and after dying what felt like 3 million times to Dumb and Dumber I need some easier bosses in between

Leeroy's summoning spot is indeed on one of those rocks that you can jump onto in order to circumvent too many troubles with the bonewheel skeletons. Summoning him Leeroy also immediately went to town on the bonewheels, he didn't seem to have many problems

The Dingy set is actually pretty good. I have parts of it on a lot of my dex-based characters or spellcasters who want to travel lightly. It has good magic and curse resist and decent other resists and for physical damage I prefer not getting hit or blocking anyway
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