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Re: Xcom Enemy Unknown

Hm... I never had much problems with sectopods, except when there were two of them. Of course it helps that all my heavies have HEAT ammunition and most of them holo-targeting. With heavy plasma they can easily do up to 20 damage per hit on mechanized units. The rest is just a matter of supporting fire from other squaddies.

One other thing: am I the only one where the whole squad usually freaks out at once? It's comical at times, when for example one guy freaks out because some muton looks at him funny and he panics and shoots the soldier next to him. Just for that guy to shoot at the next guy, who then panics and shoots the next guy, who freaks out and kills the muton.

I had one mission with two rookies, who would freak out at alternate turns and ALWAYS shoot at my support guy. I don't know where this intense hatred for him came from, but he used all his 3 medkits for patching himself up during this mission.

XCom is a game which can become hilarious and at its best when shit hits the fan. Like that involuntary last stand by one of my heavies, who killed 4 or 5 charging aliens while slowly dying to poison. With her last ammo spent she succumbed to her injuries, her sacrifice ensuring that the rest of my squad could get the VIP to safety.
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