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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
My SL1 run is now in Anor Londo, next up are Ornstein & Smough.
Whoah, tell us more! How did you beat the gargoyles? Did you do much differently from a normal run-through? Have you a plan? How do you plan on defeating the Four Kings? Are you able to hold a shield without getting crushed at the first blow?

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
I'd love to have the guts to try out a sorcerer, but. I've always found magic users in videogames to be highly inaccessible, so will stick to what I know best- hitting stuff with a big axe. I'd think this game wasn't for me if I wasn't having so much fun all over again...

This is me too, though I favour a shield and sword. Magic? P'shaw! Don't bother with all the stat-based shenanigans for now - my usual style is to switch weapons when I find one that deals appreciably more damage than the one I'm wielding. And I barely look at the stats - it's all done on a visual damage-type model

Endurance is most important here; strength only if you see a particularly impressive weapon you'd like that has a strength requirement.

Have fun!

Also, don't be afraid to summon people. I was reluctant to do that at times (I actually forgot to pick up the summoning gear from Solaire too) and I struggled to the point of frustration at times.
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