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Re: Xcom Enemy Unknown

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
My firestorm with plasma took down the overseer ufo quite easily. I think I had a dodge and a tracking just in case. The overseer ufo isn't as tough to shoot down as for example a battleship.
Ah, so there are tougher ships to come? I thought I was near the end....but I suppose I haven't even unlocked Psi stuff yet. The research funds are starting to dry up now (alloys especially) so I am starting to regret just buying everything as it became available at the start.

You are right about the goddam snipers. When I see a sniper miss with a 69% chance, I take it much harder than a normal soldier - 'but you're a sniper for chrissakes!'

Great updates, Zanbatou! 86 kills? Impressive.
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