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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Endurance is always good. Should be at about the same level as your primary damage attribute. Your primary damage attribute is either:
Strength - for big, heavy weapons (axes, greatswords, etc.)
Dexterity - for fast, nimble and fencing weapons (rapier, scimitar, etc.)
Intelligence - for magic and damage from magic/enchanted weapons
Faith - for miracles and damage from divine/occult weapons

Pick your preferred playstyle and put your points in it. Raise vitality each time you get the feeling you die too quickly. For spells and such you need attunement. That's it. Do not raise the resistance attribute. That's pretty much useless.

Also, upgrading gear might be even more important than stats. I just went with a level 1 character all the way to anor londo, but I would have gone insane without upgraded gear
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