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Re: Xcom Enemy Unknown

My elite sniper has finally fallen. After winning so many epic battles in which the fate of the world was at stake, she was unceremoniously sniped from across the map during a relatively routine "clear the crashed ufo" mission. It was the same death she delivered to many on their side.

The memorial wall tells me she completed 23 missions with 86 total kills. She also saved the world, or what's left of it.

The remaining troops need a new source of hope, and I think I've found it. In the last few months our psionics research project has made some impressive advances (based off of discoveries made during the autopsy of the initial sectoid commander). Several troops have been found to be gifted, psionically, but one in particular seems to be a natural. She's no more seasoned a fighter than any of the other recruits, but she has the ability to bolster the will of her comrades, allowing them to continue fighting even when overcome by panic. She may be exactly the leader my undisciplined troops need, provided she can overcome her own panic long enough to help the others.

She can also kill stuff with her mind. That will be helpful too.
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