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Re: Rate This Review: The Last Story

Hallo Golem, long time no see.

I think this is a review of the game's combat system, rather than the game itself. As a review, as Rob says, you need to set the scene a bit more. Give the 10,000 feet view before getting into the minutae.

The other thing I would say is that as someone who is not too familiar with this type of tactical RPG, I was a bit lost. No doubt all your points are good, but again, I need some scene setting as regards the combat model, even if it is just, 'This game follows the traditional turn-based combat model seen in [name games] but differs in some significant aspects'.

In summary, the review is too detailed, at the expense of the reader's understanding of what the game is about.

Also do not start sentences with 'Now,' and 'See,'.
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