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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Forget Astora's Sword. That's just a divine longsword with crappy scaling. The maxed out divine or occult longsword is better than that. You can take pretty much every weapon with a good faith scaling when divine/occult. Longsword is pretty decent, Iaito, Zweihänder, Claymore all work as well, as do various maces. My faith-char is currently using a Lucerne (which I call Lucy). Took me a bit to get used to her reach, but now Lucy absolutely rocks.

Some fun/useful miracles are heal (obviously), force, with which you can send regular sized enemies flying off narrow bridges or break guard, the sunlight spear plus variant and wrath of god for pure damage. Darkmoon blade or Sunlight blade don't work with divine weapons, so don't bother with them in a pure faith build.
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