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Re: Xcom Enemy Unknown

Man, Those aliens did not like that I took out their base.

In retaliation, they placed a bomb in Miami, and the newbie squad I sent in to prevent the bomb from being armed (my sniper was still recovering from her assault on the base) were unable to fight their way to it in time. Most of my team was able to get back to the dropship in time, except for one hero who ran ahead in case it was possible to disarm a bomb after it started its countdown (it was not).

So Miami is a crater now. And the overall strength of the enemy forces has definitely increased. Heavy Floaters and Elite Mutons are more common than their weaker counterparts, and apparently that Sectoid Commander in the base wasn't a scripted boss fight, because they're out in force now too.

And I've encountered two Sectopods as well, each of which practically took out my entire squad single-handedly. Hopefully it's just a case of their abilities catching me by surprise, rather than the sectopods themselves being too powerful for my squads to deal with reliably.

Technically I did lose the game already. After the second sectopod demolished my squad during a terror mission, I decided to cut my losses and run my sniper back to the dropship. Doing so caused the US to immediately cut support for my project and triggered the game over video. I guess the Americans were more panicked than I thought, what with losing Miami and then having a terror mission launched against them and all.

However, since I immediately got a game over as soon as I exited the mission (rather than having to return to the base and wait for the end of the month report like I would have expected), the game never saved over the last turn in the actual mission. I was able to reload until just before my retreat, even on ironman mode.

Knowing that failure was not an option, my sniper made another epic last stand, finishing off that Sectopod and then hunting down the remaining Chryssalids left on the map.

This is the fourth last stand that she's barely been able to crawl away from. Someday her luck is going to run out, and I still don't know what I'll do if/when that ever happens. I need to come up with a better plan than "Have Ijeoma take out the entire alien army".

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