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Re: Rate This Review: Mass Effect 3 (Warning: Some Spoilers)

Decided to read this after realising the author is the same one who wrote a highly entertaining New Vegas review on here. This time, I'd like to give some proper criticism, as underneath this appears to be someone who is smart and outspoken, two things I think a reviewer should be.

Aside from obviously needing to work on your grammar, this review needs structure. A brief introduction to what Mass Effect is about and the premise of this game, before getting onto the meat of the review- what it gets right in terms of story, dialogue, and action, things I'd imagine are most important for this game. Meanwhile, explain how it ties into the previous games, and what any gameplay differences are. None of this mentioning something, digressing, and saying you'll get back to that later. Also, whilst giving an example on what impact your choices in the game makes on the story, keep it brief. You rambled on there.

I'd love to see more reviews from you, you certainly have the enthusiasm. 2 stars.
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