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Re: Xcom Enemy Unknown

I finished the game already on classic mode. The second month was the hardest, with panic all around. South Africa sticked with me, for which I was grateful, while Argentina was abandoning me. Probably the aliens promised them the Falklands. After that I managed to scrape enough money to launch a bunch of satellites, increasing funding, reducing panic level, increasing chance to detect UFO's, hence increasing income twofold.

I'll play through it again for sure, but first I have Dishonored on my list and I'd like to see some patches. I encountered more and more bugs by the end of the game and the game got stuck once (the alien turn just went on and on and nothing happened, after 5 minutes I got tired of waiting and restarted the game). There was also one annoying bug in the final mission. For some reason my sniper couldn't enter the last room, resulting in me having to fight with one less.

Some screenshots!
Assaults are absolutely deadly in close quarters

Avengers, assemble!

That thing just blew a hole through the wall and came right at me.

My team for the final mission:

Names are taken from Rock, Paper, Shotgun-forums. There were volunteers for different classes to be used in other people's games.
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