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Re: Halloween Gaming!

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
Thanks for the reminder! This is the time to be playing horror games.

I'm thinking of picking up the Elder Signs game I keep hearing about via the Twitter feed over there. Omens on IOS?

It would be a good excuse to finally try Metro 2033 too, which has been sitting in my Steam library since the last big sale.
I've never heard of Elder Signs.

I have Metro 2033 on the PC. It has its moments, but there's a lot of dead time between the action. You end up in small underground communities, between the levels, where you'll have to scrounge up information and supplies. It becomes quite tedious.

I might install Dead Space 2 on my PC. I told myself that I'd finish up Dead Space on the PS3, but I was stuck at a location where I was really low on supplies and ammunition. I'd like to finish the first game, but it will require that I go back about an hour from where I last saved my game.

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