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Re: Xcom Enemy Unknown

Good call on moving the X:Com talk to its own thread. It deserves it.

I finally attacked that base. There were two to three times as many enemies in there as I had ever had to deal with before, but the level was also very large and spread out, which gave my sniper plenty of room to work with. By adopting a very patient and very cowardly strategy of sending my newbie troops ahead entirely to lure the enemy back to into my sniper's vision, I was able to make it all the way to the final room with three whole troops left! They were all wounded, but that's more than generally survive the normal missions, so I was feeling great! Some initial scouting of that room didn't turn anything up, so I moved my sniper ahead to take up a good position on a balcony overlooking the room itself.

And then I caught my first ever glimpse of a sectoid commander. I got a few shots off on it before it moved into range and mind controlled the shotgun wielding assault soldier who was defending my sniper. I spent a long time trying to decide whether I should have my sniper shoot her own squad mate or try to run away from him. She ended up running, figuring that she'd be able to get far enough away if she sprinted to render his shotgun effectively useless at range. That worked, but she lost sight of everything, and during the next turn the sectoid commander did something which panicked my other remaining soldier, causing him to run out of cover... and right into the waiting hands of two mutons that I didn't know were there.

I was down to only my sniper, and as badass as she is, she's significantly less effective without supporting troops who can call out shots for her. Nevertheless, I set her up in a decent scouting position and decided to wait. A few turns later, my shotgun soldier managed to wrest control of his mind away from the sectoid. He was mind controlled again a turn later, but not before he could call out a target for my Sniper. One Muton down. I repositioned my sniper to a new position overlooking her old sniper post, just in case the enemy ai was good enough to use the information imparted by my last shot. I don't know how smart the ai actually is, but my sniper did intercept and kill the last Muton as it was sneaking up on her old firing position.

Unfortunately, my sniper didn't have time to reload her rifle before the sectoid commander ran into view and started shooting at her. The shot connected, leaving her at five hitpoints, but still standing. She moved behind a wall to reload her rifle... and came face to face with the mind controlled troop from earlier. There wasn't anything I could do. The mind controlled trooper walked up and shot my Sniper point blank with a shotgun...

...for four damage! My hero sniper took a scatter laser blast to the chest, and still got the job done! On her next turn she sniped that sectoid commander right between the eyes with her rifle, ending the mission.

So I survived that base mission with two whole troops left (the mind controlled soldier was returned to my control after the sectoid was killed). And better still, successfully assaulting that base did indeed lower panic levels world wide, which means X-Com (and the world) survives for another month!
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