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Re: Xcom Enemy Unknown

I lost Argentina. South Africa was sticking with me after I saved Johanesburg, which cost me one of my assaults and sent the rest of my team to the infirmary. Was one of the toughest missions yet, but still easier than my first attempt to capture the alien base, which I had to abort because equipent and soldiers just were not up to it. I almost lost India, Canada and Mexico as well, which I could prevent by sending three satellites into the orbit and defuse some alien bomb in india.

Once I had some plasma-weaponry and a squad fully equipped with carapace armor I went for the alien base. The squad consisted of 2 support, 2 heavy, 1 sniper and 1 assault. This time I wiped the floor with them. Of course not, it was still tough to get through, but it helps when one of your heavies has the potential to destroy a cyberdisk with one shot.

Currently I'm waiting for my Firestorms to finish (3 of them) and 3 more satellites. Having sat-coverage really helps out a lot. On my next playthrough I really have to try to get satellites up even quicker. The last UFO I shot down almost crushed my interceptor, which got saved by the defense-matrix-thingie.

In hindsight I'm pretty happy not starting in ironman mode. Not because I'd reload every 5 seconds, but because I would have lost good soldiers to bugs already. For example my best support got stuck somehow. I could simply not move him anymore. He could still shoot, throw grenades etc. normally but not nudge an inch. Something which can be quite deadly when 2 cyberdisks float around a corner. Had to reload the entire mission. Also sent some troopers to the wrong spot a couple of times, because the camera would freak out, which in turn got them killed. I'm not going to start ironman until a patch irons out the camera issues.
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