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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
I am very happy with XCom so far, especially after last night's loss of three key squad members knocked me right out of my comfort zone. I don't want my XCom games to be comfortable at all, is the thing. I might be just the sort of masochist who would enjoy the game on the impossible setting.
I picked this up for the PS3 (heresy!) and am quite enjoying it, apart from just researching and building stuff at random. Playing on Normal and it seems manageable so far, though I am only just past the interrogation part.

I am starting to feel a little uneasy though. I appear to be working for a bunch of fascists.

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
So far, fun gimmicks aside, it's reminding me of a third person Far Cry 2.
Cough! Splutter!!

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
It was the relentless respawning of enemies that got me.
I can't figure this out, it is all the game is remembered for and has taken on a life of its own; surely this was just a minor irritant though?

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
I think Far Cry 2 is a perfect FPS. I always felt lost and underpowered playing it, but in a good way. The most basic attack plans in that game could always end in unpredictable disaster. lol. I never felt any need to finish it, though.
I agree. The ending(s) were lauded, though they weren't really very good - in the sense of, logically they didn't make much sense. You should watch them on YouTube. Great game though - hefty weapons, good gunplay, adult themes and the failed states of Africa encapsulated well.

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
I'm still sort of looking forward to Far Cry 3, really hope the issues I mention are sorted.
The respawning checkpoints are sorted, once you wipe them out, that territory goes under your control and you can travel at will.

However the rest of the game appears to be about some dudebro getting high and whacking pantomime villains.
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