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Re: What are you playing right now?

That's a good idea. I liked how reinforcements would turn up in Red Faction Guerrilla, and the same sort of thing in Far Cry 2 would have been the difference between it being a chore for me to play, and it being great.

Yet another update on Just Cause 2, now I'm ten hours in- I've gone back to loving it. The missions are a bit more varied (in fact, my earlier complaint seemed to be directed at "stronghold takeover" missions, a specific type which basically have an "escort some unappreciative douche" objective), and it's genuinely fun finding the pickups to upgrade your weapons/ health/ vehicles- when you are close to one, you get a signal icon on the screen, which gets stronger as you get closer. The ways you can destroy bases require some thinking- rather than going in shooting, I like to take out as many guards as I can with a sniper rifle first. I'm not sure if it's really clever AI, or really stupid (seems fairly realistic to me, anyway), but it takes your enemies a while to figure out where you are if you take this approach. Another good tactic is to take out the SAM sites and cause havoc with a military-grade helicopter, if one is available.

There's so much good about this game, I could go on. I'm not oblivious to it's flaws (awful attempts at humour are actually probably my biggest one, although the game got a genuine "lol" from me- after I grabbed a guard with the grappleing hook, he shouted "AH! He's got me with his wire thing!"). The vehicle handling... Isn't great. But I'm converted, despite my earlier doubts. And wow, the scenery...! Not as great as Red Faction Guerrilla, but a game I'm glad I took a chance on.

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