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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
I'm about five hours into the new XCom game, and I'm debating whether to stick with my "classic ironman" game or start a new "impossible ironman" run. Classic mode just doesn't feel unfair enough yet. I blame the tutorial.
You happy with it so far? Classic Ironman has one save, right? Not hard enough?

Originally Posted by JLB1987 View Post
Oh, you guys, communicating in secret code. Managed to resist reading it :-P

Started playing Resi 5 with my woman. It's brilliant. The best co-op game I've played since Toejam and Earl on the Mega Drive. Tackling the first boss together was truly exciting (although it was as much of a battle convincing her to lure the monster to the blast furnace and staying in there until I was ready to lock it in, as it was fighting the monster itself, lol), it's just a great game. We make a great team, too- she likes being trigger-happy with an SMG, and I'm an short range with a shotgun kinda guy, so arguing over ammunition is never a problem. If Resi 6 is like this, then I'll be investing in that soon.

Also, Just Cause 2. Not even an hour in, and I've already hijacked a helicopter in mid-flight. The vehicle controls are heavier and more responsive than I thought (more Red Faction:Guerrilla than Saints Row), which is what I value most from games like this. Loving it thus far.
Hmm, Resi 5 is free on PS+ this month (along with Bulletstorm, but that game was marketed so badly that not even a free copy tempts me even though I hear it is actually a good game). However I have Borderlands 2 as the co-op game de jour right now.

I enjoyed what little of Just Cause 2 I played (I accidentally overwrote my save after a particularly tedious story mission so no going back). I mostly fooled about in helicopters and planes; I could see it get boring after a while but it was surprisingly good.



Very interesting - I shot the soldier, of the two guys hanging up, as I doubted I could kill the snipers in time (plus I was conditioned to do what I was told by the game, no doubt about that). I shot into the air more out of clumsiness in the crowd scene, and was delighted I could do that, I was panicking a bit at the prospect of shotgunning the civilians en masse at that point!

It did quite a few things well, actually!

I reacted badly to the 'It's all your fault' stuff though - I was thinking, no it's fucking not! I guess I am the typical shooter player that the game is making fun of

I think you may have it right on these points, though if they intended the 'you're already dead' bit they should have made it a little less subtle maybe.
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