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Re: What are you playing right now?

Oh, you guys, communicating in secret code. Managed to resist reading it :-P

Started playing Resi 5 with my woman. It's brilliant. The best co-op game I've played since Toejam and Earl on the Mega Drive. Tackling the first boss together was truly exciting (although it was as much of a battle convincing her to lure the monster to the blast furnace and staying in there until I was ready to lock it in, as it was fighting the monster itself, lol), it's just a great game. We make a great team, too- she likes being trigger-happy with an SMG, and I'm an short range with a shotgun kinda guy, so arguing over ammunition is never a problem. If Resi 6 is like this, then I'll be investing in that soon.

Also, Just Cause 2. Not even an hour in, and I've already hijacked a helicopter in mid-flight. The vehicle controls are heavier and more responsive than I thought (more Red Faction:Guerrilla than Saints Row), which is what I value most from games like this. Loving it thus far.
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