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Re: What are you playing right now?


Don't read on if you didn't play/finish Spec Ops: the Line!

Last warning, trespassers will be spoiled.

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Now how do I change the text colour here...
Don't forget: even if you change the color, in e-mail notifications the entire posting is visible.

@Opening scene:
It really occurred to me when playing through the section later in the game and Walker calls it out "wait, this is all wrong!", also stating that it has already happened. I think this is Walkers realization that he's reliving memories, or rather PTSD induced hallucinations.
I was reading it as a common-and-garden shooter where obviously things were falling apart, [...]
Was having the same feeling at the beginning. That was until the first scratchings on the fourth wall and odd things happened. I felt that by the end a lot of dialogue is directed towards the player, not Walker. Especially with Konrad, he pretty much calls the player out for wanting to be a hero in this fantasy world and just causing havoc, pain and suffering.

I also love how his demeanor and appearance changes, by the end Walker even looks a bit like Harvey Dent aka Two-face and the professional "sniper at 5" is replaced with "KILL 'EM ALL!". At the same time when as a player I was feeling numb regarding the violence on display and didn't register the exploding heads anymore, in contrast to the beginning of the game. The game shows the transformation from Delta-operative to manic killer and for me that illustrated the odd disconnect between what you usually do in a modern military shooter and how it would be perceived in the real world. Not to forget the loadings screen messages, like "How many Americans did you kill today?" or "It's all your fault". Or the odd loading screens that only occur once, like the weird one with the outline of a girl and a creepy lullaby.

But what I find is the best bit are the couple of "moral choices" in the game. What did you do when "Konrad" asks you to choose between killing the man who stole water or the soldier who killed his family trying to apprehend him? I did neither and shot the snipers instead (the two culprits were still dead, it is apparent why by the end of the game ). I was surprised that the game didn't just let me do what was not "intended", but rewarded me with an achievement for it (not that I care much about achievements, but that I found cool), while I assume the average modern military shooter player would just do what is told and fire at A or B.

The other choice that stood out for me was after the lynching, where you're asked to give the command to open fire, resulting in a massacre. What is not said is that you can either shoot in the air, making them run away, or punch one of the civilians, not killing them, but also dispersing the crowd.

Even full fledged RPG seem to struggle with this kind of game mechanics. I can't think of many situations where you can influence the outcome other than by a menu choice in Dragon Age or Mass Effect.


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