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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I chose to just interpret it as a badly told story with a fairly preposterous plot point.


Do not read until you played (and finished) the game

I mean it, don't read!

I have an interpretation of the story, and that is that Captain Walker dies in the opening scene. In the opening scene he's having this run-off-the-mill turret section with the chopper crashing - because it's a vehicle in a video game - and then the story starts. But the game could be just part of the "life flashing before his eyes" and we see the story how he remembers it. It's getting apparent quite quickly that he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and his mind is playing tricks on him. Did you notice how sometimes after you die and restart at a checkpoint he shakes his head as if he's having some kind of bad dream? And that you're always going down, even though you pretty much start at ground level, but still end up on top of skyscrapers all the time?

It reminds me on Sartre's No Exit, where - book spoiler - 3 people wait for going to hell just to realize that they're already there. book spoiler end

Walker 'tells' the story, but due to his PTSD he's not a trustworthy source for the narrative. One ending of the game pretty much confirms it, when a soldier asks him how he survived all of this. His answer: "Who said I did?"

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