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Re: What are you playing right now?

Re: Spec Ops - I agree about the gameplay, it is just extremely generic.

It's a rather grim exploration of the relationship between player and avatar. About how far detached the modern military shooter is from reality. About how a hero of such a modern military shooter would be a mental trainwreck, ridden with guilt no matter how much he tries to convince himself he's just following orders and blames everyone else.
That is interesting what you say about the theme of the game; I chose to just interpret it as a badly told story with a fairly preposterous plot point. I guess if you just look at it from a gaming perspective - ie, the relationship between gamer and avatar etc as you say - it makes a lot more sense.

I too would recommend it; not that you will necessarily enjoy it, but it's an interesting game, no doubt.

I have uninstalled Tokyo Jungle. Absolutely could not get past the first level as either Pomeranian or Sitka (mostly as Sitka), but unlocked the third Pomeranian story chapter somehow. Then got mauled by some cats. I was going back to it each day and just thought, I am wasting my life playing this. A strong reaction.

Oh! Also Borderlands 2 in co-op. It is actually very good (and I wasn't sold on the first one, or even this one). Rob was asking about the writing before - it is very good indeed. There is a fair bit of reliance on internet-meme type humour, but there is a lot of good stuff in there too. Very funny at times.

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