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Re: games to get

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
FTL messing with but so wishing you could control the ship in a solar system while you are mining,researching whatever. Like soem of the old RPG games if you get to close to a baddie it starts up the RTS ship to ship battle.

I am still playing it but I wish it was better ><

Riven never did get to far in myst LOL

Persona 3, all Persona is a must LOL

Ring of Red oooooo looks nice can;t forget Valkyrie chronicles either.

Just Cause 2

Red Faction Guerrilla I rather loath what they did with it while RF2 was ify I loved RF1 ;_;

Mirror's Edge

Dead Space played it and 2

Phantom Dust I think I have it...I think... no its a strange shooter game ok its in my list.

Bejeweled 3 why? 0_o

Peggle Dual Shot ok...

Ar Tonelico 2

Xenogears I has it and wild arms 1-2 ^^

Galactic Civilization 2 heavy sim fries my tiny brain

Saint's Row 3 I dun like it

Wild Arms 3 was rather bad but I have it.

Sanctum card game or tower game? :P

Burnout Revenge
Crazy Taxi
The Longest Journey

Prototype didnt like it, liked more singularity tho

Bionic Commando Ya know it might have a crappy plot and story and characters...but damn if it was not a semi decent game!

Fate of the World

Jade Empire haz it almost love it a shame the combat is a bit over simplified..

Knights of the Old Republic 2 I played it some need to finish it and KOTOR curse me for being so disorganized ><

Rise of the Argonauts

Stubbs the Zombie have it

Singularity played it

Silent Hunter 3 looks neat.

Kessen 2 Kessen is good in general.

Portal have it played it. ^^
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