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Re: Podcast Suggestion- Who are games FOR?

The big developers continue to make crappy games for teenage audiences because these are the exact people who have proven time and again that they don't know a bad game when they see one. The older audiences have grown up and no longer have time to play mostly boring but pretty games. On the other hand, teenagers have little in the way of responsibility and tend to buy these games before knowing whether they are worth their time. When was the last time you as a parent with responsibility and time constraints purchased a game without at least reading a few reviews or talking to a friend about it? It is this buy first and complain later mentality of the masses of brainless teenagers that allows giant developers to repeatedly put out games that sell well but don't provide a satisfying experience in the end. This cycle will likely only change when gamers in their 50's and 60's care just as much about getting a good product as gamers in their 20's.
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