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Re: What are you playing right now?

That sounds good. October sometime for consoles.

I have a whole weekend for games-playing, and I can't raise much interest.

Started - Walking Dead Part II, but the Mouse controls made me ragequit at the first 'situation' (about 1 minute in).

I started up the PS+ free Just Cause 2; seems like Garry's Mod kinda fun - great if you are a teenager and have unlimited time to mess about in the world. Will have to give it a chance but not impressed right away.

Madden 13 needs a patch; after being impressed with all the shiny new stuff, it has worn off a bit. Need the online league to start to motivate me.

I didn't bother buying Sleeping Dogs - I think Brad made a good point on the podcast: it doesn't look like it offers anything unless you find the whole Hong Kong concept 'cool'.

I think Red Dead Redemption is on PS+ this month, though I've already completed it on Xbox, so I'd just be trophy-whoring there.

I can't face Demon's Souls as I have a ridiculously complex set of tasks to do in there - get my character tendency to pure white, then black, which means getting certain worlds tendencies to black or white in order to spawn the character tendency-affecting NPCs.

I am disgruntled.
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