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Re: What are you playing right now?

With the helmet on he just looks like having terrible make-up.

mild spoilers regarding Dark Souls DLC ahead...

I'm still playing Dark Souls, obviously, and finally got to the new areas. In true DS fashion the new area is guarded by a boss who tears everyone apart coming unprepared. The arena is ankle-deep under water (rusted iron ring is highly recommended) and the sanctuary guardian is very swift and aggressive. To make matters worse he does 3 types of damage (physical, lightning and poison) and has a more erratic moveset compared to other bosses. Took me about 7 deaths to get all the tells and figure out at what times I can attack or not. And more importantly: when I have a break long enough to pop an estus.

Afterwards I talked to a giant mushroom and went to the royal garden, where scarecrows with pitchforks and hedge-clippers next to stone giants were waiting for me. As usual I'd try to separate some enemies from the pack and take them out one at a time, but that was hardly possible. They usually attack in packs and don't let themselves get overwhelmed easily.

Then I met the big man himself, Artorias the Abysswalker. He seemed to have spent a little too much time down there, judging by his demeanor. It took me four attempts to break him. I almost had him at my second try but got too greedy and ran straight into his attack. But I didn't mind doing this fight over and over, because it's pretty amazing (at least for a melee character). He's agile and hard hitting, the fight is very dynamic and reminded me a bit on pvp encounters.

Now I'm on my way through the Oolacile township, where the standard enemies are rather stupid and pretty much insane (judging from their mumbling). They also hit like a truck and drop large titanite shards like candy.

So far I'm really enjoying the dlc-area and look forward to the two other bosses...
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