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Re: What are you playing right now?

One of the great things about the Souls games is the collaboration - I'm enjoying reading that thread on RPS forums and seeing those guys feeling their way through the game. A pity there was 20 pages of PC-gamer whining before the game was released though

I am playing Madden 13. Woooo!

It seems really good, I had a couple of quick games last night and the new physics are good. A great improvement is the receivers turn their heads when they are ready to receive the ball, and DBs can't intercept the ball if they are not looking straight at it.

Fired up Connected Careers mode this evening for a short while and it looks goooood. Very deep; it's not going to be a case of just cycling through gameweeks, as there are proper trades to be made, XP gained from practice etc.

Cautiously optimistic at the moment. As usual there have been several almost-ragequits already. I'd almost forgotten what those are like.
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