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Unhappy Re: Supreme Commander 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

Hey I love your guys ideas! But I need help last night on Supreme Commander 2 I had a 20 min rush timer and my friend was on my team and two of my other friends on the other team. And so just when I got like 58 gemini (cybran) it reached 20 min. I saw a huge air force coming but it looked smaller then mine so I sent them all and it turns out, it was 30 WASPS AND 15 AC-1000! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE IN 20 MIN? I was annihalated before I could react and I'm in Gods name is it possible?! It sadly was a no nukes match (cause usually get over 30-40 nukes and nuke everything including my allie and myself once the games over) and I got destroyed. How can I win? This was just ONE of my friends the other was being a turtle. This juggernaut of a friends was UEF. Please help with advice. Thank you.
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