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Re: What Comics Are You Reading?

Was reading:

Enquêtes auto de Margot

Each issue is a self-contained episode about a reporter in France and centered around a specific french classic car. The issue I was reading was about the Citroen DS (which happens to be one of my favourite cars). Recommend it to people who like classic french cars and/or detective comics.

Morea - (Issues 2 and 3)

Issue 2 was a bit meh and confusing, 3 very good. A friend was telling me 4 will be even better, but the 5th and final issue is lackluster. I'm a bit torn now...

Yiu (2 and 3)

This shit is bananas. Tehy must have looked at Warhammer 40k and found it too liberal.

Die vierte Macht (2) (I couldn't find out how this series is called in English)

I don't think I'll bother with this series any longer, didn't hook me at any level.
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