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Re: What are you playing right now?

Batman: Arkham Asylum on hard mode. Pretty sure I said this about six months ago, but this time I'm persisting. Wanted to prepare for the GOTY edition of City, that I've pre-ordered and will be receiveing in a few weeks.

It's not actually so bad on hard mode- you don't get the warnings when to counter when in hand-to-hand combat, but I'm used to this now. The hard mode seems to kick into place when stalking armed enemies, but even then, it's much more satisfying taking down bad guys with guns now than I remember.

Just not looking forward to the bit near the end, with the lunatics jumping at you out of nowhere. It's well documented on here I hate being made to jump, and I'm dreading it. Such a great game though, I'm willing to stick with it through that.

Will also be starting Dragon Age again soon, hopefully to finish it. I'm thinking an elven character this time, as I've only ever made significant progress with a dwarf on here before.
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