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Re: What are you playing right now?

Been indulging myself with GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony. I'll give a full summary of my thoughts on it when I finish it, but I'm enjoying it, simply due to the fact Rockstar are great at making engaging characters in their games. First realised this with Red Dead Redemption, and this game reinforces my opinion. The player character, Louis (think that's how it's spelt), is dull, and constantly contradicts himself with his actions, making him incredibly difficult to even tolerate. But Gay Tony is a brilliant character- not a stereotypical gay character at all. It's a joy watching the cut scenes he is in. Whilst the story in this episode is ridiculous, over the top, and generally just an excuse for equally ridiculous and over the top antics, I can't remember seeing such a convincing "downward spiral" situation in a video game character before. A special mention goes to Mori- he's hilarious! I haven't been so amused by a game character since... well, Nigel West Dickins in RDR. "Check. Mate. ... See ya!"
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