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Re: Book-length criticism of Chrono Trigger and FF6

I'm tentatively interested in this type of thing, though as I haven't played the two games in question, I can't really say much about the criticism at this point. Maybe do a piece on Far Cry 2 next? (I love Far Cry 2).

I'm joking! Good luck with this venture. It does seem to be very detailed, and at a quick glance, maybe too detailed - for example was this metric necessary:

My reaction here would be similar to Rob's - to what end?

One of the other articles caught my eye and made me laugh -

Boston's Videogame-themed unconference, Game Loop, came to Philly last weekend. A host of interesting sessions covered topics like "Brogrammers," Chinese Internet speakeasies, what qualifies as "cheap" difficulty, and a whole lot more.
And I liked the definition of Brogrammers, of which it appears I am a borderline member...

So good luck, I'll bookmark the site to keep an eye on it.
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