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Re: Listener Q&A Feedback for Episode 76

Hallo Chi! Ok, just off the top of my head, feel free to use one of these:

# 1 You're cast away on a desert island. You're allowed to take one game with you. What would it be? Despite this island miraculously having a console or PC and a power supply, you have no internet connection.

#2 Peter Skerrit's last article painted a bleak picture of the gaming industry, and cast more doubt on the sustainability of the Triple A games market. If there was a Triple A collapse, would you care? Would you be happy surviving on a diet of indies and mid-range games? Is there such a thing as a 'good' mid-range game anymore?

That question is a bit nonsensical, perhaps.

#3 Nintendo Power Magazine sends an invite to a huge 25th Anniversary junket they are throwing, all expenses paid etc. Which Gamecritic do you send?

#4 The people who read can be a posting comments etc. For example Darren Forman's Legend of Grimrock review was brilliant and funny and didn't get one comment. Do you ever get frustrated at the lack of feedback? What drives you on with this project?

#5 I love the writing on this site, it's of such a high standard that I read most of the articles, no matter how obscure the game. However, lots of times, the games being reviewed are really terrible - eg Kristen's Deadliest Warrior and Dan's Pearl Harbour reviews on the same page. I'm not criticising, just wondering if there's an editorial policy or review list, or if you just review what you want.
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