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Re: Rate this review: Diablo III

hi holdthephone

Great review! Except for...and bear with me here..the first paragraph.

I get that you're going for the whole orgiastic violence thing, and I think this approach pays dividends in the review as a whole, which I think is really different and excellent overall. However, the first para, because the violence is being visited on a girl, sounds a little odd and even creepy. Though I can see how it fits the rest, and it's a strong piece of writing, I think it puts readers on the defensive (consider the furore around the Lara Croft stuff recently).

Don't know if this will work, but maybe try rewriting that first para with a male character as the victim. If you can carry it off, then it fits; if you can't, remove it or modify the approach.

Apart from that, really fun review and enjoyable to read. And a fantastic critique of the game. (Not that I've played it but as a disinterested observer, this is by far the most interesting article I've seen about it).
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