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Exclamation Re: To Beat Vegeta

Originally Posted by YoungBuddie View Post
I need Help On how 2 beat vegeta in the sayian saga.
-i suggestnot to be so close to vegeta while powering up. but when you do power up, you can either use kaio-ken rushing over and over again or when you're in FULL POWER mode, rush in to vegeta and keep pushing A (wii). you'll be able to hit him up to 70-80 times while in full power mode. but when that goes away, use kaio-ken to knock him back down on him butt. lol. but in warning, after using kaio-ken, wait a second and use it again because you'll hit the opponent while he/she is on their knees trying to get up. if they are still lying on the ground, it won't work. so in all good luck. if you wanna kno anything else on the game, just ask cuz i'm an expert on the game.
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