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Re: Please Rate This Review: Journey Second Opinion

Originally Posted by Odofakyodo View Post
I think both Flower and Journey succeeded more as a piece of traditional art (where events are interpreted) than a game (where events can also be configured). I believe the latter is a superior art form that has more potential to touch people in personal, meaningful ways.
I agree with the first part. Not with the second, though. I don't think that any form of art is superior, it's all down to preference.
I don’t really play FPS that much, but I respect them as games because they require skill and because of the multiplayer.
In multiplayer, yes. But singleplayer is an entirely different beast and my main criticism with singleplayer campaigns of fps is the over-reliance on scripted, linear corridors. Watching a movie while watching popcorn offers roughly the same level of interactivity. Compared to that Journey isn't all that bad. And a new Call of Duty costs 60$ of which I'd only play 6 hours of singleplayer campaign. Journey costs 15$ for 2 hours. CoD still more expensive

I am not saying WoW is the be-all-end-all by any means, but I think you are looking at WoW in too limited a scope.
I just took it as an example for perceived restriction. Of course, WoW is a massive game with 4 huge continents to explore and discover. Not the same ballpark as Jouney with some desert to travel through.

I can choose to do one quest over another. I can choose to go into one zone over another.
But how much impact does that really have? Yes, I can choose to ignore a certain quest but then I have to kill more random mobs to get the xp 'lost'. If I do or not do a quest doesn't change the world (of Warcraft). Yes I can go into a different zone but only if my level is high enough. It's not possible to walk as level 1 character from one side of Azeroth to the other without dying about 5 million times.

The phasing since Wrath of the Lich King also only served to alienate me further from the game. Yes, my actions seemed to make impact but seeing my friends phase in and out at the edges of a phasing zone, because they are not at the same step of a quest kinda broke the illusion for me.

I don’t agree that the whole point of playing video games is to be devoid of purpose.
That's not what I meant. What I meant is different people play for different reasons. To stay with the WoW-example: I played for exploration and discovery. For wearing stupid pirate-hats and other nonsense. Some of my friends played for the quests (I stopped reading quest-text after level 5 or so), others play mostly for raids and consider all this running around to get to max level a nuisance, because they are interested in the tactical multi-stage boss battles WoW has to offer.

And coming back to Journey: reading this gave me the idea that you had a preconceived notion how Journey should be and were disappointed that it didn't turn out to be the game you expected. Or much of a game at all.

“Leisure time” doesn’t necessarily mean passive or not demanding.
Of course not. My favourite game is Dark Souls, one of my favourite books is Crime and Punishment
But there are times when playing something that doesn't need much input but still feels interactive is nice. Like playing a track of DJ Hero on easy after a night out drinking.

Not to mention it was create by ThatGAMEcompany (as opposed to ThatMOVIEcompany or some other name).
hahaha good point.

Journey is also advertised as difficult, which it is absolutely not. And it is advertised as offering “exploration”, which it technically does but in a very linear way. I can’t choose where to go.
I'm just playing Dragon's Dogma and even though I ran into some restrictions already, I have to say it's much more a journey and about a journey than Journey will ever be.

Not to belabor WoW, but at least in WoW you can get drunk and kill.
Two of my favourite things in WoW right there!

I still not agree with everything you say but I can see now how you got to your conclusions. And it's very well written. 5 Stars.
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