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Re: Please Rate This Review: Journey Second Opinion

Originally Posted by Odofakyodo View Post
How can an experience emotionally affect me if I can cruise through it on auto-pilot?
The same way visiting an art gallery can emotionally affect you. But you can choose to just walk straight to the exit.

How do my actions matter when I know they are being guided by the invisible strings of a puppeteer?
You just described 90% of first person shooters that came out within the last year. Not only restricted to FPS, of course. When I walk through World of Warcraft none of my actions matter. Every enemy respawns after a while. I have no decision in what happens, every quest is strictly linear.

How can I feel any sense of purpose with so little demanded of me?

Not Vermeer, for sure, but I like it and didn't find it demanding to paint. Was there any purpose to it? No, the whole point of playing games or painting images is to be devoid of purpose. It's my leisure time when I unwind my brain from demanding tasks during the day.

How can I form meaningful bonds with other people if we do not actually need each other to progress?
You never played World of Warcraft I assume? In WoW I never "needed" anyone. I was never interested in all those shiny epic items (I was part of a raid for a while but that period of playing WoW was also the reason for me to stop, because I stopped enjoying WoW). WoW (like Journey) is (was) for me about discovery and seeing something I haven't seen (in this form) before. Journey had some genuinely beautiful moments I don't want to miss. And every Journey is more fun with company. I don't need friends to visit Madrid for example, but it's more fun with them.

Haven't rated the review yet, but I think you reviewed Journey for what it is not, rather than for what it is. It's like reviewing Civilization and giving it a 3/10 because it's not a fast paced action game.
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